Proof of Production.

From the Twitter Of Beth Chapman

Gotcha 16 minutes ago from Tweetie

From DuaneLChapman

At home eating the best Tuesday tacos in the world 🙂 7 minutes ago from Tweetie

Confirmed By Witnesses: Duane Lee and Leland Chapman were not included with today’s show. First smoke , then fire.

Any more questions or doubts ?

10 thoughts on “Proof of Production.

  1. WOW!! So sad that this family is being torn apart. I just pray that Dog takes a stand. Afterall he did fight to get his sons back in his life and now all that is going down the toilet!!

  2. So sad that they decided to go hunting without the boys. Whatever happened to “the family that hunts together stays together”??? Well, if they really caught somebody without the boys (since we all know how honest Beth is) it must have been an easy one. There’s no way they would film a hard catch without the guys because Beth doesn’t want to look like the loser that she is on national television. Her greed and ego is going to be the reason someone (her Dog or Babby Lyssa) will wind up getting hurt on a bounty because lack of protection from Leland and Duane Lee.

  3. We saw the crew. It was Dog, Beth Smith, Lyssa chapman, Sonny and some guy know one knew. I took a pic or two but cannot tell who it is cause its so dark. Everyone here thinks they are a joke now. They probably busted a 12 year old who jaywalked

    lames asses

  4. I am surprised that Sonny would be there helping them. I thought he was very close to Leland.

  5. i’m surprised at Sonny too, Dog needs to grow a pair and take charge of his family. Thanks for all your hard work and giving us all the latest news, I really appreciate it and love your blog. Please leave it unlocked

  6. I’ve been a big fan of Dog’s for a long time, even if he does like his women alittle on the trashy side!!….but i sure hope Dog takes a stand and keeps his sons close. Beth seems to be a big spoiled brat, and im sure shes made his boys feel anything but comfortable!!…Dog, PLZ be the hero we all know you are, it’s not about what you do for a living, what makes you a hero is how well you treat your family, and face it, the boys came first!!…The best of luck to Dog!! Love him!!

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