6 thoughts on “More Comments At www.chapbros.com

  1. I’m sure A&E has the biggest muzzle of them all…and a larger part in all of this than anyone has mentioned so far…money, money, money.

  2. Latest twitter post from DL

    DuaneLChapman Goodmorning everyone, @lelandbchapman and myself will be dusting off the ol’ work boots today Look out !!!!

    …seems all is back to normal.

  3. i think they are going back from what i’ve read on beth and dl twitters…i hope that is the case!!! fingers crossed. btw great work keeping on this 🙂 have a great day

  4. I’ve been wondering for a few days now if this wasn’t some type of big made up drama to call attention to them in an otherwise quiet time.

  5. yeah thats a good point. i think the stories were true to a certain degree but they probably got hyped up to make a huge deal. they would probably prefer to have positive attention over this but hey it made it to tmz and perez hilton…the boys even said they’ve gotten a lot of promotion for chapbros on blogs. either way, hate to think the family wanted this attention and brought it on themselves.

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