Breaking News. Leland And Duane Lee Are Back :)

We have confirmed through multiple sources the two son’s of Dog Chapman are back at work with their daddy, with Beth, Lyssa and perhaps Tim Chapman. We cannot confirm Tim yet.

We are glad the crisis is over. We will continue full coverage of the Chapmans as time rolls along. We are very pleased that the crisis has passed.

Janice and Douglas

Aloha From The Beach.

8 thoughts on “Breaking News. Leland And Duane Lee Are Back :)

  1. Yup. Looks like Beth saw all of the negative feedback about her prior decision and finally realized that the boys have a lot of fans on their side. Glad they figured it out and the boys are back. Good job, Chapbros! You did it!

  2. Yay, I’m glad to hear this, I’ve been a fan of the show and the Chapmans since the show started. Hopefully this has finally passed over and they can move on 🙂 It would be awesome to see Tim back well!

  3. After talking to the dog official on twitter, they confirmed the team is bigger and better, and i asked if DL, Leland, Justin and Tim were back. They replied to me saying about the team, but didnt mention Tim, they did confirmed that Justin was back on the team and Lyssa will be returning to.

  4. Wow, if Tim was back thatd equal the best team…but its looking pretty amazing already haha

  5. I love dog the bounty hunter and am so glad dl and l are back the show wouldnt be the same with out them

  6. Am so glad to see the boys back and hope the whole team stays together, permanently. I am sure it is hard filming some in Colorado, even though I have been here all my life and enjoy seeing them drive around in my familiar country side. They have a beautiful place up by the Springs!! Am so glad your all back together and please stay that way!!

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