Dog Nabs wanted Man

Dog the Bounty Hunter nabs wanted man

Pierrette J. Shields and Josh Quesenberry
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LONGMONT — Lights! Camera! Nabbed!

Reality television star Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duane “Dog” Chapman, brought his show to Longmont overnight Thursday after he and his crew nabbed a man in Greeley wanted on outstanding warrants for failing to appear in Boulder District Court on drug charges.

Najera Cameras for the A&E network rolled as Chapman and his crew confronted Rene Najera, 25, of Longmont, in Greeley. According to Beth Smith Chapman, Najera had heard that the bounty hunters were looking for him and eluded them by house hopping and using friends and family to flee from them.

She said the crew kept returning to a friend’s home on Antero Drive when they ran out of leads on him. Smith Chapman said neighbors gathered on their lawns to watch the crew’s attempts to find Najera.

They began their work in Longmont at about 4 p.m. Wednesday and followed Najera throughout Longmont and eventually to Greeley. Smith Chapman said they caught up with him near the mall in Greeley when he got into a car driven by a woman. The woman drove about four and a half blocks before Chapman’s crew used one of their vehicles to ease the car into a parking lot, where they forced Najera out of the car.
She said she could not offer details about the capture under her contract with A&E.

Once Najera was in custody, they took him to the Longmont Police Department, where he was arrested at about 2:30 a.m.

Longmont Police Cmdr. Tim Lewis said Thursday morning that, along with the outstanding warrant, Najera was booked on suspicion of two counts of drug possession, two counts of drug distribution and two counts of intent to distribute drugs.

Lewis said the bounty hunter’s efforts were helpful to police, who have been looking for Najera.

“It is a benefit to the community because Rene has been running from house to house for several months because he knew he was wanted,” Lewis said.

He said Chapman and crew have more resources to stake out an area where a suspect may appear, and sometimes associates are more cooperative with bounty hunters because they may have put up collateral, like homes, to help post a bond.

“They had financial incentives to help themselves,” he said.

Chapman works with local police before pursuing suspects. Lewis said police knew he was looking for Najera.

Chapman told the Times-Call the roads were clear during the early-morning pursuit.

“The only ones on the street were the fugitive, us and the cops,” he said.

Chapman told the Times-Call that he and his crew spoke with Najera before turning him over to police. Chapman said he had heard that Najera told his mother he felt Chapman would help him to get back on the right track.

“He’s a human being. He is 25 years old. You use this experience in your life to be the thing to help you change your life,” Chapman said. “He can never say he never got a second chance.”

According to court records, Najera pleaded guilty in November 2008 to a drug-distribution charge in Boulder District Court. He was sentenced in January 2009 to a year of work release and three years of probation. He failed to appear in court Dec. 23, 2009, for a probation-revocation hearing and failed to appear on bond Jan. 6, and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest. As of February, his court records show he had an unsatisfied $20,000 bond.

His new bond is set at $40,000.

Najera was being held in the Boulder County Jail on Thursday.

Thunder Bay DOG Show Review.

UNDER BAY – Duane “Dog” Chapman pulled no punches sharing his message with the crowd at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium on Thursday night.

I had the enjoyable experience of taking 11 young people to the event courtesy of the Chapman family who supplied tickets for the kids.

The famous bounty hunter, who has brought thousands of criminals to justice brought humour, emotion, and his view of the world. It was a powerful and interesting talk.

One of the strongest messages that Chapman told the audience was to not be an enabler, not to turn away from people who are headed down the wrong path. Sharing how five years ago, as he and his wife Beth were getting married, his daughter was killed in a car accident, Dog offered up a full dose of the real emotion that the tough bounty hunter offers.

Chapman shared how he had “Loved my daughter to death”, as he let her off the hook too many times when she was struggling against drug addiction.

The message from Beth Chapman and Duane Chapman to Thunder Bay was that having heard his words, people know now better and should not serve as enablers for others weaknesses.

One of Chapman’s goals is fighting against drugs, and drug dealers.

Beth Chapman shared with the audience that it is possible to fight against drug dealers in your own neighbourhood with pictures, video, and going to the police. In some areas of Thunder Bay addiction to drugs and alcohol is a problem.

Often the people living in those areas feel helpless to solve the problem. Chapman’s solution of having people gather the needed information and turn it over to the authorities is a good start toward sending a message to drug dealers that those activities are not welcome in our Thunder Bay.

The reaction from the young people was encouraging. One young boy relayed that “Dog is awesome”.

What I found interesting was that even after the 90 minute talk, all the kids were still wanting to stick around for the question and answer period, and hoped to get a chance to meet the Chapman family afterwards.

Sometimes people lament that young people have short attention spans. Watching how Duane “Dog” Chapman could hold the audience for over an hour and a half tells me that maybe the reason for those short attention spans are that kids are not getting an important enough message to hold them.

Last night, I hope that Dogs words went from his lips to their hearts and minds.

James Murray


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