A&E Dog The Bounty Hunter Cast Poster

Editor’s Note

Look at the size of Dog and Beth compared to the rest of the “team” When my husband and I and our kids watch the show, we think of the Posse’ as a family and a team first. Whomever picked this photo, thinks otherwise.


Editor’s Note: Mary Ellen has an official Facebook page :http://www.facebook.com/pages/Maryellen-Pollack-for-HD30/128507307185184?ref=mf

3 thoughts on “A&E Dog The Bounty Hunter Cast Poster

  1. As with any “reality show”, it tends to put many cracks in the armor of the family foundation. I think fame in general does that. Remember when the show was more real and it portrayed all the Chapman’s more real? Like Lyssa coming to live with them with her little one – then BOOM out of nowhere, she’s engaged and married….why not let people know she’s in a relationship? And for awhile, there was Duane Lee and his family and the show had them on a fair amount of time. The one person I think they are portraying wrong is Leland. He’s a handsome guy, I’m sure he’s not alone all the time. They make it look like he’s always single? Is that for the female demographic what watches the show? Well, give everyone a little more credit. In his 30’s, good-looking, 2 boys, I’m sure he’s got a life. They try not to show ANY of his life. Except for the show a couple weeks ago where Leland commented on a woman and said “She’s beautiful, but not as beautiful as my girlfriend.”….and no one comments on it. Why not? Who cares if he’s got a girlfriend/wife? Who is stupid enough to believe for all these years he’s been single? Personally, I thought that was a very sweet comment and they should play those moments up a little. Show a little more of who these people are AS HUMAN BEINGS rather than just bounty hunters. I’d like to see more of how the family dynamics are because it makes their teamwork while they are out “hunting” that much more interesting. And since it’s the 2nd time I’ve said something about Leland saying that, I’m wondering if this comment will get posted. The first one was deleted. Don’t know what is trying to be hidden. Just my opinion.

  2. I did not see other comments. I am glad to publish yours. Well put. The show is more reality than many. Reality shows do
    seem to split family lines once money and greed rear their ugly heads

  3. Dogsupporter,

    I didn’t mean to be insulting to you, I apologize – but you know how some shows like to protect the personal lives of the people they have on the show – but it’s hard to put “just” bounty hunting on, it affects their lives. Like you don’t see Duane Lee wearing a ring anymore, did he get another divorce? And remember the Valentine’s show where they made a huge deal out of Leland being the only one “without” a Valentine? Silly. I’m sure Leland probably has a very beautiful wife or girlfriend, and I was happy they showed Cobie on the show a couple weeks ago. It’s nice when you get so invested in a family and watching them every week, to see a different side of them, good or bad. I don’t think they realized when they caught Andrew Luster (?) in Mexico – just how much of the world was rooting for them and behind them. All because we get invested in their lives by spending our time with them on the show. You are right, I do believe this show is more reality than others, but I think they are trying too hard to avoid showing conflict and ripples in the armor – it’s what makes a family a family, you know?

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