We now have reports from Eye-witnesses who state that Duane Lee was 100 percent not with the posse this week. It is a sin that the fame affects reality show families in a harmful way.

We still have no word back from Dog’s spokesperson. We wonder if the tabloids will pick up on this story as they did with Chapbros.

A small minority believes it is vacation HAH. Have they seen the show ?


Editors Note: Tweet by Duane Lee DuaneLChapman

“@MissLiesl: @DuaneLChapman Are you guys going to create a new account?” I have to talk to Leland after he gets off work about 1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone

12 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS. DUANE LEE IS NOT WORKING WITH Dog The Bounty Hunter

  1. I do have a question about this – and please NO ONE think I’m being condescending….but why is it “breaking news” if Duane Lee wasn’t with them on an arrest? What if he was doing something? Had plans he had to take care of? Does one arrest mean he’s not on the team at all?

    Also, hypothetically, if I watched the show as I have since it’s been on, and found out that Duane Lee got “let go” because he wanted more money or at least at much at Beth and Dog make, or maybe even as much as Leland makes….I don’t know their pay scale….but if I found out he was let go for asking for that…I would not want to watch the show anymore. I watch it partly because of the bounty hunting and partly because of the family dynamics. I don’t think anyone is more important than anyone else and the “kids” (although all adults) have families to support. If something that petty was the reason Duane Lee was let go, then I’m letting go of the show. On the other hand, more positively, he just might have been doing something and wasn’t there…..

  2. Seriously, can’t someone take some time off to spend with their kids? Sure it’s a family business, but I’m sure if the posse felt everyone was needed Duane Lee would have been there. Writing like this give already misinformed people too much ammunition against people who are TRYING to protect the community and our system.

  3. Two days in a row. History shows no one misses jumps. Lyssa had to go 9 months pregnant.

  4. You are judging as a fan, not as a realist. Researching the family shows the business always comes first. Time off comes with
    the return to Hawaii. Not during arrests. A casual fan would realize that. If you research the tweet history, they were off
    most of the week before.

    Where is Tim Chapman ? Where is Wesley Chapman ? Where is Justin Bihag ? Where is Wesley from the office ?

    Time off. HAH Don’t be a fool


  5. It’s almost 5:00 pm CST and on @duanelchapman was the tweet “Back to work” about 1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone

  6. I would be very disappointed if I found out that game faces were on everyone and there was all this turmoil behind the scenes. I know that no one is perfect and I can see pros and cons in everyone…but I would hate to think that the cameras get shut off and people go to their corners…you know? That would be very sad. I don’t know if there are any circumstances to be worried about, but if they are pay related, I can just say that Dog and Beth have to realize what Duane L, Leland, Tim, Justin, Wesley, etc., bring to the show. Let’s just hope it was a false alarm and paradise is really paradise…..yes?

  7. So Duane Lee is on and off the team? Doesn’t sound good in my opinion. But Leland is with the rest of the posse or does he share his brother’s fortune?

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