Dogsupporter followed up conflicting Twitter posts between Duane Lee Chapman tweeting he was at the movies with son Dylan, while Mrs Beth Chapman tweeted “gotcha” inferring they were hunting fugitives.

Duane Lee was NOT with the Posse’ This fact has been confirmed by two independent witnesses in the Greely/ C. Springs area of Colorado. Duane Lee Chapman posed for pictures with witnesses at the movie theater last evening, a mere hour before Beth Tweeted, “gotcha” Two readers witnessed him shopping with his son Dylan Tuesday evening in Colorado. They spoke to him for several minutes and he was reported to be quite friendly. However, Duane Lee Chapman did not mention missing work.

Dog and Beth kept quiet on Tim’s leaving the show “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Is there a crack in the family armor that members are being left out of hunts ? Is there a chance, after 1000s of arrests, that Dog Chapman is putting safety second by omitting a second long time trained team member ? Under any circumstances, this is considered foolish. If a Posse’ member is injured, it falls right in the lap of Dog and Beth Chapman. Is this more fallout from the sudden vanishing act of the “Chapbros” ? We believe now the boys were forced to closed down by their own family

Mr Chapman’s management has refused comment. We will be contacting A&E Networks for comment.



Editor’s Note. At Dogsupporter, we were nearly spot on with our reports on “Chapbros” war. In fact, reports grew from here until they hit TMZ and confirmed the family war. We havw readers here who did not buy a word. They popped up again, blinding by editing and fame. Fooled again



  1. on the 12th someone asked him if he had the day off and he replied with “Day or two or three off”

  2. Isn’t it ironic that yesterday Duane Lee and Leland lost the DTBHCLUB page on Twitter as well, but yet they are going to get thier own pages on where in order to use the elite chat rooms where they usually talk at all the time(other than the old twitter account)you have to be a paid member to the website. Someone is wanting more money…

  3. You are mistaken. That was announced before the twitter account. Our friend James joined the club
    and the one chat was in the open room. Their Facebook page was taken down too. Your fishing
    too deep to get a bite from us. If that was true, they would not talk on twitter at all.

  4. I wasn’t aware of the postings on here as this is the first time I used this site,sorry. I am aware of the facebook site as well. Bite from you? What is that supposed to mean, i’m not here to pick fights,sorry if you took it that way…

  5. Our apologies. We do not believe either Duane Lee or Leland is that profit driven.

  6. I understand that you might have taken my posting wrong, all is forgiven:) I don’t believe they are money hungry as well, I was mainly pointing that towards Beth. Just like the big blowup over the Chapbro’s site/store. Duane Lee and Leland are very kind loving guys who are great to thier fans.

  7. We believe Beth could squeeze blood out of a nickel. Thanks for reading friend


  8. lol, I have to agree with that. A friend of mine was in a wounded warrior unit and she contacted tem through Allen Nevins to see if they would be kind enough to do a meet and greet with the soldiers but instead got a pissy note back from Allen stating it’ll cost almost 30 thousand dollars for that to even happen! What a way to support our troops, the ones who are fighting for thier freedom so that they can be on T.V 😡

  9. Beth just posted someones about to have a very bad day …lets see if DL posts..

  10. Well, at one point Leland and Duane Lee quit, so there must be some issues going on. It’s too bad and Duane Lee is a helpful member of the team and he’s fun to watch…I would find it hard to think that Duane Lee or Leland would be driven by money, unless they are looking for an equal share, which I don’t know how they are paid. I believe, however, they do deserve an equal share – they are part of “Dog’s team” and without them, there wouldn’t be much of a show. I think if they left, the show would dwindle…….Just my opinion.

  11. Beth tweeted today someone is about to have a bad day and Leland is posting pics of being at the gunrange and DL is talking aobut playing football. There has been a few posts where the boys say that they are out doing one thing or another while Beth is tweeting about being on the hunt.

    I don’t think the disappearance of their twitter has anything to do it with. I think it was jsut a twitter glitch because @Dogsofficialnews was trying to get it fixed and tweeted about it. It’s not the first time Twitter deleted an acct due to system glitches.

  12. Reminds me of characters being written out of sitcoms when the actors have contract disputes. Like when Brad Garrett had a dispute with Everybody Loves Raymond and his character was sent to Italy on vacation until it blew over. Wonder how their absence will be explained if it goes on for awhile.

  13. Reminds me of characters being written out of sitcoms when the actors have disputes. Wonder how the absence will be explained if it goes on for awhile.

  14. facts: london ontario event held on June 22 2010 was a complete mess

    dtbh and event organizerripped us off supervip event

    do some digging dogsupporter you’ll get all the nitty gritty details of beth telling london folks that leland got lost and left behind in chicago

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