Tweets By Beth Chapman. Thursday July 15/10

# Had to choke em out guy was super strong and seriously wired faught all the way Dangerous NUT. about 5 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone


Last nights bust wAs some serious drama were all liking our wounds today Bad guy in jail thank god about 6 hours

My honey Is injured ;( about 6 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone


@tesilva Leland was there Duane lee Not ! about 5 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone


5 thoughts on “Tweets By Beth Chapman. Thursday July 15/10

  1. I have a question. What’s up with this post by Beth “singel ? Not really” It appears she was commenting on it Leland was single judging by the person’s question she responded to. All other requests on their personal life have been responded with something like we like to keep our personal life private.

  2. About two weeks ago Leland admitted to having a girlfriend….he was commenting on a beautiful girl and said something to the effect that “that is a beautiful woman, but not as beautiful as my girlfriend”, it was on the show. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t on YouTube within an hour the way people are alway trying to figure out who he’s dating. But it was on the show and he said it clearly, to the camera…no goofing around. Of course he’s not single. I was shocked to find out Justin was married with 2 little ones (for some reason I always see him as a kid), although I know he’s an adult. His wife is beautiful and so are his kids. I’m happy for them. But after the one show they never mention Duane Lee’s family or marriage and NEVER mention anything about Leland except for rare shots of the boys. Strange. Wonder how their contracts are set up? I don’t know why anyone would expect them to be single this entire time……

  3. Really… Dog is still around making shows after calling
    his sons GF he never met a Ni**er like 6 times…
    i know he tried to play it off, but his excuse was
    i just didnt want her to come to the house and ruin my career by hearing us using the n word.. they must use it quite often to
    have to worry about a black person coming to their house.. he also said he couldnt handle his son dating a black girl..
    whats to handle, she was actually a very cut4e girl..
    dog accused her of being a crack whore……

    Editors Note.

    Mike is either ignorant or ignoring the facts. The girl was trying to set Dog Chapman up and had been for weeks/ That was not the excuse. Mike is typical of readers who rely on the Tabloids for information.

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