Leland Chapman And Girlfriend Lennette Have Baby

Leland Chapman and his girlfriend/fiancee had a daughter Leigh born September 5, 2010 in Honolulu. The heartthrob from the show Dog The Bounty Hunter now has 3 children.

Sorry Ladies, he is taken.


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16 Responses to Leland Chapman And Girlfriend Lennette Have Baby

  1. TheRealPatty says:

    Who WOULDN’T know he was taken?? I love that they keep Leland’s and Duane Lee’s life pretty private on there – and keeps them looking single. Keeps that “Leland/Duane Lee” groupie demographic watching the show. Notice that Lyssa’s life and pregnancies and all that are included….

    Congrats Leland and Lennette….I am sure she is gorgeous! God Bless!

  2. dogsupporter says:

    If you watch the 16th birthday episode, a sharp eye is able to spot their dates.

  3. dogsupporter says:

    Wishful thinking

  4. Angel says:

    No i dont thinks so just wait and see

  5. tinki says:

    Congratz to both of them. Happy to hear Leland’s able to keep his private life private.
    @Shannon That’s really bitter to read. If you really care for him you should hope it lasts long even forever. I didn’t recognize their dates in this episode but am I wrong, isn’t Lennette the girl Leland took to the Foy Reality Award Show? Does anyone know that? That was back in 2008…SO…it’s a long relationship and it’s still lasting.

    I wish Leland, Lennette and Leigh the best.

  6. Ashley says:


    i’m a leland lover, but r u sure they had a girl??

  7. TheRealPatty says:


    No offense….but does it matter? As long as it’s a healthy baby? Also….Leland is called “Lee” by his family, so “Leigh” would be a cute way to name his baby after Daddy…My daughter’s middle name is “Leigh”, although, not after Leland LOL.

  8. ViCkY says:

    Hi Leland`s Have iN Puerto Rico So Much FAN And i AM the #1 MUAXXXX

  9. we always love to decorate our living rooms with bargain decors that we can find on the local store *

  10. Mandy says:

    I am a fan for everyone on the show. I like how some people like more people then others because of the way they look but you have to take in account they have feelings too. I would say they are like normal people (they are) except to the affect they have people always watching what they are doing outside of there show.
    Congrations! Leland and Lannette. To your relationship and your little bundle of joy, Leigh! I wish you the best in many years to come ❤

  11. Rae says:

    Ashley, Yes I’m sure they had a girl. They show the baby shower where Lannette holds up a shirt thats says Daddy’s Little Girl, plus everythings in pink. If you catch it later on they show Leigh.

  12. Jennifer says:

    I just want to say I love Leland!!!! ok well not the true love i guess just lust lol. Anywho, Rae is right they did have a girl she has been on a couple of shows now. I have been watching all the shows on netflix if any of you have that its a good way to catch the shows you’ve never seen and to catch up for the new season in Dec 14 2011


  14. CHAPMAN’S : Congratulations to Baby Lisa! & God Bless YOU All. What A Wonderfully,Gifted Famly, I Admire Beth for the reason All The Chapmans are her Children, Who She, Protects, Adores and Most of All ( LOVES UNCONDITIONALLY )Just Wanted to Say to All (Thank You All for being such GREAT Inspirations to All Families & Their Children!) Your Family Morales are so High, Your willing to help some one in need, Regardless of the life style they had been living, If The Chapman’s see that they are Ready to change, THEY Will do ever thing in Their Power to make the change for that person! Just So Heart Felt! I Hope & Pray that they Stay Healthly, Happy, And Continue to do The Work that the Good Lord has instilled in them to Continue HELPING, LOVING & GIVING of Their Selfs to Show, Just Because Such A small thing in Life has knocked Them down for a while ( DRUGS, ATTITUDE & WANTING TO GIVE UP ) IS SO Wrong The Chapman’s ( ALL ) of them, Will Help guide you in the right direction! And They Will Show you it is NEVER to Late to Say No to The Wrong Things & YES to the Right! May GOD BLESS YOU ALLTHROUGH The TOUGHEST JOURNEY Of YOUR LIFE! And To A Very Special Family That God Has Choosen to Help & Guide you through it, But You have to REALLY BE READY TO CHANGE! DOG,BETH & The Rest of The Chapman’s can tell! Because They are True Messengers of Our Lord! May God Bless You All & May You Start or CONTINUE TO:Love Each Other ALWAY’s! My HEART is So Very GREATFUL For ALL of THe CHAPMAN’S FAMILY! I LOVE YOU More Than Words Can be Written!
    From Just A Good Ole Country Girl: MARY

  15. What Leland called his daughter is “Princess Leiah”. I really don’t know how they spelled it but she is a girl around 2yrs.old Gee go to his fan page and read about him and his 2 sons and daughter. Have you never watched any of the shows?

  16. I just ran across this, I didn’t knoe Leland had a baby girl! I’m sure she is beautiful and hope an added loving family member to the Chapmans who un doubtly have unconditional love for the whole family! God bless!

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