Our Visit To Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Retail Store In Honolulu Hawaii.

Douglas and myself made a beeline to Dog’s retail store located in Honolulu. Since our last visit, the kind lady who managed the store resigned and moved out of the islands. The selection on the shelves is respectable, but there was not one item in the establishment that featured any member of the cast solo, except for Dog naturally and Beth. There was no Lyssa , Duane Lee items available. There was insignificant amount of Leland’s cuffed T.

We purchased a 3 shirts and pressed on with our excursion. The retail store is located near Dakine Bail Bonds. Fans of Dog and Beth should plan a visit. Fans of anyone else on the show, should pass. The store worker advised us that no Tshirts of the Chapman kids are on order.


Seems like an alleged case of ego before good business practice

Note: The easy to miss location is on VineYard. 203 Vineyard Street, Honolulu


One thought on “Our Visit To Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Retail Store In Honolulu Hawaii.

  1. You would think a publicist for the show or A & E’s marketing department would “shake” them straight, I mean, honestly, it’s obvious who sells the show and who people want to see. Groupies or not, it’s clear what the fanbase is. I just can’t believe A & E would be looking the other way while all this is going on? Do they have a end to their contract this year? Seriously, something is missing in the equation – it doesn’t make sense from a marketable view or a logical view. It’s one thing when it’s their personal store and they sell only Dog and Yoko (Sorry, that’s great and I’m sticking to it) stuff, then it’s Dog’s & Yoko’s money to lose. I would think the network would jump on the Leland, Duane Lee, Lyssa bandwagon. Something doesn’t add up.

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