Law Enforcement Authorities Are Disheartened By The Actions Of Bondsman Bobby Brown

An alleged scam artist is now in jail after investigators say he stole
thousands of dollars in an elaborate bail bonds scam.

The following news release was sent out by the El Paso County Sheriff’s

A 24-year-old California man is in custody following a two month
multi-state bail bond scam investigation.

On March 26, 2011, a bond agent from Bobby Brown’s Bond Agency released
personal information to a suspect on a co-signer of a bond that was
posted through his agency. The suspect then contacted the co-signer and
demanded an additional $1,400.00 for associated court costs on a
previous warrant and new charges that were being filed. The suspect said
if the co-signer didn’t post the additional bond funds he would have the
person she bonded picked up and returned to jail. The co-signer paid the
$1,400.00 and when she appeared in court on March 28, 2011, she learned
she had been the victim of the scam.

The co-signer reported the scam to the Colorado Springs Police
Department. During their investigation, CSPD detectives were told by
Bobby Brown the suspect had to have access to a computer at the El Paso
County jail to obtain the personal information on the co-signer. CSPD
detectives contacted the Sheriff’s Office with this information and
agreed to turn the case over to the Sheriff’s Office.

Bobby Brown publicized this event and specifically, that the information
was released by a member of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, through
KRDO News 13. However, the investigation revealed the co-signer
information was actually released by an employee of Bobby Brown Bail

Sheriff’s Office detectives began tracking the suspects phone usage, but
the investigation was hindered by Bobby Brown and Tak Landrock, with
KRDO News 13 attempting to conduct their own investigation. After
several calls to the suspect from Tak Landrock, the suspect discarded
the primary link for solving the crime. Despite this obstacle,
detectives were able to verify the suspect was operating out of
Sacramento, California. They also found four additional victims.

Detectives contacted the Placer County, California Sheriff’s Office for
assistance. With information obtained during the joint investigation,
the suspect was identified as 24 year old Michael Stephen Moynihan of
Sacramento. Placer County detectives attempted to arrest Moynihan twice,
but he escaped both times. After both arrest attempts, Placer County
detectives recovered evidence connecting the suspect to over 600 bond
scam incidents nationwide. Detectives began calling phone numbers across
the country, and now believe there may be over 1,000 victims nationally.

On May 26, 2011, Placer County Detectives, with the assistance of the
Sacramento Police Department Parolee Interdiction Team and Canine Unit,
arrested Moynihan after a short foot pursuit in Sacramento. Moynihan was
booked into the Sacramento County Jail on a no-bond parole hold. Charges
will be filed by the United States Attorney’s Office in California next

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa is very happy with the outcome of
the case. “I would like to commend the detectives from my Office, as
well as Placer County and the Sacramento Police Department for the
dedication and tenacity displayed on this case. They overcame numerous
obstacles in their pursuit of this individual. This is one of the
largest fraud cases I am aware of coming out of our agency. This is the
type of crime that can actually operate for years without being
discovered due to the victims being spread throughout the nation and the
individual incidents nor rising the level to warrant federal resources.”

Sheriff Maketa added “It is disheartening that a bondsman with a
longstanding relationship with this Office and the media would choose to
impede as opposed to work with local law enforcement to bring criminals
to justice. My hope is we can return to a relationship based on respect
and cooperation.”