How we as Fans can help save Dog’s Gate

We  fans can start by contacting city council. Ask them to save Dog’s gate. As as fan, I love a chance to help Dog who cares about people so much. This is blatant red tape nonsense

Sign the online petition at

Please use manners

THE TV STATION WHO BROADCASTED THE STORY  Email, KITV on FB, &  @KITV4  On Twitter We suggest copying the media on every letter to the people below


Tom Berg

Ernest Y. Martin

Ikaika Anderson

Stanley Chang

 Ann Kobayashi

Tulsi Gabbard

Romy M. Cachola

Breene Harimoto

Nestor R. Garcia

also the man who helped bring Dog to the state legislature

Gene Ward

Hawaii’s Governor is twitter at @neilabercrombi

Let us fans help Dog save his Gate

As fans of the Dog, we want to step up and help him save his gate. The city of Honolulu is fining Dog daily because his gate is two feet two high in the middle.   If the gate is not taken down within 30 days, the city says it will place a lien on the home and take further action, including possible foreclosure.
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The gate is a tourist attraction. There is not a day that goes by where people do not stop to take a picture at the gate, much like at the Osbourne’s old place, Graceland etc. Tourism brings major boosts to the Hawaiian economy. The story mentions it is advertising. As stated on twitter by dog’s team, who would put up an ad on a dead end street. If Dog wanted to advertise, he would put up a billboard downtown.

The gate as stated by Dog’s wife is also there for security and makes it difficult to access the house. Most grown men can easily scale a 6 foot wall. Dog does a lot to protect the streets of Hawaii, why not grant him and his family a little safety from those that may want to revenge an arrest. The island is small, everyone knows where they live so the gate is not giving away any secrets.  The gate meets regulation size except for the two feet in the middle. The

Dog has received awards from the State legislature and the City of Honolulu. Is this the way to thank him properly ? Why should they force down a tribute to a man who has helped make the streets safer, brought loads of tv production to the island and attracted tourists from all over the world ?

This gate is a piece of Art done in ceramic, not a eye sore

AE Communities. A Closer Look

This blog will doing a feature story shortly on AE Communities and the need for proper moderation amid the propagation of false information, rumors and false innuendo.

This site has been overun by a small band of haters that have infested the site like rabid bed bugs. We believe in open opinions until they veer into libelous slander. Unfortunately parts of this community are not fit for children or for that matter, adults with manners.

For too long, average fans have been buried by a small band of haters. Now it is the proper time to look at the characters and real people behind these hater posts. This blog believes that many shows including DTBH can find critical posts with valid points as a useful tool.

However, when these posts turn to venomous false attacks,  attention must be brought to the site and the lights turned on


London, England



This report is slightly delayed as we receive some new information on participants

Fun Poll. Is It the DOG show or the Beth Show

Many saw this video on the A@E site.


Also the post on the season 8 interview from the Charlie Sheen show has the same debate

What is your vote ? Has Footage Of The Cops Bringing Baby Travis To Dog

Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman gained temporary custody of his grandson after disturbing audiocaptured the child allegedly being beaten, and Star magazine has obtained exclusive video of the boy being turned over by authorities — you can watch it here on

The video features Chapman welcoming nine-year-old Travis Mimms — the son of his late daughter Barbara-Katie Chapman — with a hug and kiss on the head after police escorted him to Chapman on October 21, 2011. After Dog’s emotional greeting, his daughter Lyssa hugs young Travis, followed by Dog’s wife, Beth.

As Star magazine first reported on, the boy’s father, Travis Mimms Sr. obtained a restraining order last week against Dog, his wife Beth and daughter Lyssa. He claims they have been harassing him, accusing him of beating his child and slandering him.

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Interesting Guest Blog Mentions Baby Travis


I spent the majority of yesterday sick and sleeping. Some random television station was playing in the background. Somewhere in the evening I opened my eyes and lay there, listening to sounds in the background.

This particular sound was a kid crying; then pleading, “No daddy, no more, please.” I found myself feeling an entirely different kind of sick.

I sat up to look. What I heard was audio of Duane ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Chapman’s grandson being beaten by his father, Travis Mimms Senior.

A judge decided the audio, taken by a neighbor, was enough evidence to award Chapman temporary custody of Travis Mimms, his 9 year-old grandson.

Radar online has the audio. Be forewarned, it is disturbing.

You can hear the child begging for his father to stop. According to Chapman the boy was hit at least 13 times in that particular incident. The boy’s mother, Barbara Katy Chapman, died in a car accident in 2006.

Dog has made it clear he does not want permanent custody of his grandson. He’d like Travis Senior to receive treatment for his anger and be reunited with his son. Chapman explained to Star magazine what his hopes were for his family.

“I don’t want to take my grandson’s dad away from him,” Chapman told Star. “I want him (Travis Senior) to take parenting classes. We had to get Travis (junior) out of that situation.

“I was beaten by my father, too. But we have to break that cycle.”

Lisa Dunning, MFT, author of Good Parents Bad Parenting explains that many children who are abused go on to be abusive themselves. You would think the opposite would be true. However, children who are abused live with grown-ups who react to stress and anger with violence. They learn this reaction. Removing the child from the abusive environment is the first step in breaking the cycle.

So what are the warning signs? Dunning explains, “If you see a child with unexplained bruises, constant school absences without any explanation, or any change in a child’s behavior, take action.”

It takes a village when it comes to child abuse. Most children would not report the abuse for fear of losing their homes, their parents. Most children are so used to the abuse that they don’t necessarily recognize it as such. God bless the neighbor who stepped up and did something about it. It couldn’t have been easy


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