‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Chapman Run-In with the Law… Again! What Happened?

‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Chapman Run-In with the Law… Again! What Happened?

“Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman is battling the law once again, and this time the run-in with the law involves his grandson’s father. Duane “Dog” Chapman had a daughter named Barbara-Katie Chapman. However, she died at the tender age of 23 during a car accident back in 2006.

Dog, his wife Beth, and his daughter Lyssa have all been smacked with a temporary restraining order, which was initiated by Travis Mimms, who is the father of Barbara Chapman’s baby. He is her baby’s daddy. Got it?

Dog the Bounty Hunter and his family were issued the restraining order for protection of Mimms, his roommate, and his girlfriend. The permanent restraining order hearing is set for October 28th.

According to Mimms, he and Dog had established an amicable relationship, which included relations with the bounty hunter’s grandson, who is named Travis after his daddy.

Mimms would not elaborate much on the Chapmans or the restraining order much, but he did say, “There is a lot going on. I can’t talk about it at the moment.” It sounds as if the judge ordered Mimms and the bounty hunter’s family to keep quiet, especially from the media.

Do you think this sounds as if Dog, Beth, and Lyssa are trying to see little 9-year-old Travis Mimms, and Mimms will not let them see him? Did the bounty hunter get rough and tough when trying to pick up his grandson? Most likely. After all, Duane “Dog” Chapman naturally roughs people up for a living.

The “Dog the Bounty Hunter” show has been on the air, since 2004, and Mimms had actually worked for Dog and Beth for some time on the A&E reality TV show, which portrays the art of bounty hunting.

Apparently, Dog has helped Travis Mimms with living and housing expenses in the past, but now the two have suddenly not gotten along. What happened?

One year before Barbara-Katie Chapman died, she gave custody of her son, Travis, to her daddy Duane Chapman. She had been “battling a drug problem at the time and one source tells Star that she did not want Travis raising their son. But six months after Barbara-Katie died, Travis approached the Chapmans and asked to be in his son’s life. The Chapmans helped him financially and eventually Travis started caring for the child full time.”

Uh-oh! Could it be that the Chapmans saw some deviant behavior on the part of Mimms and his roommate, so they got rough with him? Hopefully, the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” show will allow its fans to get updates on this situation. And hopefully the truth will come out if Mimms is up to no good, and he is not a good influence on little Travis Mimms. May Travis Mimms live where he can grow up happy and healthy!

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article by David Raphael

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