AE Communities. A Closer Look

This blog will doing a feature story shortly on AE Communities and the need for proper moderation amid the propagation of false information, rumors and false innuendo.

This site has been overun by a small band of haters that have infested the site like rabid bed bugs. We believe in open opinions until they veer into libelous slander. Unfortunately parts of this community are not fit for children or for that matter, adults with manners.

For too long, average fans have been buried by a small band of haters. Now it is the proper time to look at the characters and real people behind these hater posts. This blog believes that many shows including DTBH can find critical posts with valid points as a useful tool.

However, when these posts turn to venomous false attacks,  attention must be brought to the site and the lights turned on


London, England



This report is slightly delayed as we receive some new information on participants

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