Let us fans help Dog save his Gate

As fans of the Dog, we want to step up and help him save his gate. The city of Honolulu is fining Dog daily because his gate is two feet two high in the middle.   If the gate is not taken down within 30 days, the city says it will place a lien on the home and take further action, including possible foreclosure.
Read more: http://www.kitv.com/news/29619743/detail.html#ixzz1cOlws417

The gate is a tourist attraction. There is not a day that goes by where people do not stop to take a picture at the gate, much like at the Osbourne’s old place, Graceland etc. Tourism brings major boosts to the Hawaiian economy. The story mentions it is advertising. As stated on twitter by dog’s team, who would put up an ad on a dead end street. If Dog wanted to advertise, he would put up a billboard downtown.

The gate as stated by Dog’s wife is also there for security and makes it difficult to access the house. Most grown men can easily scale a 6 foot wall. Dog does a lot to protect the streets of Hawaii, why not grant him and his family a little safety from those that may want to revenge an arrest. The island is small, everyone knows where they live so the gate is not giving away any secrets.  The gate meets regulation size except for the two feet in the middle. The

Dog has received awards from the State legislature and the City of Honolulu. Is this the way to thank him properly ? Why should they force down a tribute to a man who has helped make the streets safer, brought loads of tv production to the island and attracted tourists from all over the world ?

This gate is a piece of Art done in ceramic, not a eye sore

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