Dog The Bounty Hunter And Wife Beth are Appearing in Jackson Michigan This Thursday For A Motivational Evening At The Local Theatre



Ticket sales for November 29th for Dog and Beth in Jackson Michigan are on sale via this website. VIP Meet and Greet are available but limited. Please bring a can of food with you so we can help prepare the foodbank for the demanding Christmas season



Please bring a can of food with you so the local Food Bank can be ready for the Xmas Season

Dog The Bounty Hunter Was Very Involved In Working With Local Forces And Coperating With The Feds In The Wheeldon Capture

Despite some media reports to the contrary, inside trusted sources in Michigan assure us that Dog Chapman was very involved in events leading up to the capture of Ricky Wheeldon.

The BailBondsman who invited Dog to help,  Leo Urban, had nothing but praise for Dog and his help  Among the statements by the Bondsman who had $500,000 dollars at stake with the huge bond

“Dog was instrumental in the capture even though we didn’t do the actual take down” -Leo Urban

“You learn a lot from celebrities, first and foremost. I’ve known Duane for a while, and I have a great deal of respect for him. When he came to town, like I said, the phone kept ringing and leads kept coming. That developed several  leads that were critical in his apprehension. We passed  along several leads to the state task force and the federal marshall at about 11 o’clock yesterday morning. I was advised that without the leads that we gave them, the apprehension probably wouldn’t have gone down”

“Dog stepped back at my request to let the fugitive team and the Marshals go after him. It’s a cooperation.” – Leo Urban
We have confirmed that Dog respected the requests of the US Marshals and the Fugitive Team to back off and let them handle the very dangerous fugitive.. Officials were concerned that Wheeldon may be armed with anything from an Assault Rifle to a Machine Gun.  Dog was attacked by a few  who did not bother to mention  that the Feds took  over the arrest that ended Wheeldon’s freedom.  You do not mess with the feds. As well, Dog’s presence started the flood of tips from citizens that helped end the fugitive’s freedom. Dog and his local team were told the feds would make the arrest
The feds as Leo Urban stated said the hard work done by Dog with Urban’s team helped with the capture. Dog was approved by the Judge, deputized and did a tremendous job at raising the profile, coaching the team, and bringing in leads. The worst thing a fugitive can face while on the run is having a high media profile. Dog’s presence helped ensure that Wheeldon’s case was kept high profile in the media. Dog came into the case after the fugitive had been on the run for months and Wheeldon was behind bars in a few weeks.
The citizens of the area did a great job submitting tips and the press coverage of Dog and the case was extensive. How many fugitives get that much attention and that many tips ?  Dog’s presence helped seal the deal. The media coverage of Dog by local reporters was endless.
More to come

Ricky Lee Wheeldon Is Busted. Bailman Says Dog Was A Big Help

JACKSON, MI — Leo Urban received good news this morning.
Ricky Wheeldon, who fled during the last day of his trial and left Urban and his bail bonds company on the hook for a $500,000 bond, was arrested just after midnight Wednesday.

“I was happy,” Urban said Wednesday morning outside Circuit Judge Thomas Wilson’s courtroom. “We’ve been working on this quite a bit.”

Urban, owner of Leo’s Bail Bonds in Mason, will answer questions from readers about the search for Wheeldon during a live chat at 2 p.m. Wednesday. Look for a link once the chat begins.
Wheeldon, arrested after a traffic stop about 12:45 a.m. on Churchill Road near Bellevue Road, was in court this morning for a hearing before Wilson. The judge set a sentencing date of Nov. 29, arranged for a court-appointed attorney if Wheeldon wants one, and sent Jackson’s most wanted fugitive back to jail.
Urban was in court to watch and said information provided to the U.S. Marshals and Michigan State Police troopers by his company helped bring Wheeldon to justice. He said police were acting on information his agents provided Tuesday morning when they zeroed-in on a house in the Leslie area and eventually captured Wheeldon.
His company had already paid Jackson County $100,000 toward Wheeldon’s outstanding bond. Another payment was due in December, according to a payment agreement reached. No more money will be due to the county.
“It’s not about the money. It’s about the apprehension,” Urban said to Jackson County Prosecutor Hank Zavislak following a press conference later Wednesday morning. Urban also told Zavislak, Jackson County Sheriff Steven Rand and Michigan State Police 1st Lt. Michael Krumm, the commander of the Jackson post, that Dog the Bounty Hunter was helpful in the search for Wheeldon.
“It helped tremendously,” Urban said of Dog’s involvement. “People just jump up all of the sudden. People who aren’t talking too much start talking.”
Urban asked Duane “Dog” Chapman to assist in the search. Dog and his wife Beth arrived in Jackson at the beginning of the month. The Chapmans, being filmed for an upcoming television series on County Music Television, visited Wheeldon’s mother and others thought to have associated with the fugitive.
While in Jackson, the Chapmans worked out of the office of Lodise Bail Bonds on S. Jackson Street. Ed Fisher, the operations manager for Lodise, was also at the court hearing Wednesday morning. He did not know if the Chapmans had been notified of Wheeldon’s capture



JACKSON, MI — Leo Urban, owner of Leo’s Bail Bonds & holder of Ricky Wheeldon’s $500,000 bond, answers questions from readers during a live chat at 2 p.m
Join us

to learn more about the search for Wheeldon and Dog the Bounty Hunter’s involvement.


Taken from the Dakine Dog Store Facebook page

Found guilty shortly thereafter on nine of the 10 counts he faced, the most serious of which is racketeering. He also was convicted of felony firearm possession (his second such offense), possession of methamphetamine, receiving and concealing stolen property, and possession of cocaine.

Wheeldon should be considered dangerous, noting he already served a 15-year prison term for assault with intent to murder.

 Please call if you have seen Ricky Lee Wheeldon
(517) 219-4765. or you can also call the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office with any leads or


UK RESIDENTS, email Theresa May today at:

Email Theresa May

July 17, 2012

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Theresa May is the Home Secretary, and can override the decision of the UK Border Agency.

I’d like to encourage you all to email Theresa May today at:

Please inform her that:

  • 1. Dog has been denied entry to the UK
  • 2. In 2011, he was granted a visa, yet this time, he hasn’t. Surely one year can’t make any difference?
  • 3. He’s captured over 7,000 fugitives. He should be able to travel freely to the UK

If everyone reading can just send off one email today, then that’d be great! Let’s flood her inbox.

What You Can Do to Help

July 20, 2012

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Over the past few days, I’ve had a lot of Dog fans asking what they can do to help. Well, here’s what I would suggest:


  1. Sign – that will be sent to the UK Border Agency, as well as the Home Secretary.
  2. Share the petition link via Twitter, Facebook, eMail, word of mouth etc.
  3. Email The Home Secretary, Theresa May. Her email address is: Tell her that Dog has applied for a visa to visit the UK this year. He’s been denied. Ask her (politely!) if she could intervene in this matter to over rule the UK Border Agency’s decision to deny Dog his visa. You can also notify her of the petition – currently, 2,341 UK citizens support Dog’s application to visit the UK.Alternatively, if you’d like to phone her, her Westminster phone number is 020 7219 5206.
  4. Contact your local MP. To find your local MP, visit: enter your town or post code. MPs are elected to convey our concerns to Parliament. They should be told about Dog being denied a visa, as they may be able to publicly support the campaign, discuss it in Parliament, or talk to Theresa May and the UK Border Agency representatives directly.
  5. Follow @dogtobritain on Twitter. I’ll be posting daily updates there. Thanks to the 500+ of you currently following!