You can now arrange a Phone Call from DOG to anyone you want.  I may use it for my nephew’s Birthday gift since he is a big Dog fan. It is cheaper than travelling to an event

Product Details

A unique opportunity to talk to the Dog directly on the phone and discuss any topic you choose.  I see there is a cost but time is money and I respect how much time he spends already meeting fans

Schedule a personal call from Dog where he can provide counseling and guidance on any topic you choose. The call will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time, and will be made by Dog to you or to a person of your choice. The call can be up to five minutes in length.

Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman has provided advice and guidance to thousands of fans along the way to becoming the World’s Greatest Bounty Hunter. His decades long career as a bounty hunter combined with his unique personal and public life gives him a brutally honest perspective on the challenges we face in life.

Duane generosily connects with many fans on his travels around the globe, however, time constraints make it impossible to personally meet all the requests he receives for advice and public speaking. In an effort to help this and to connect with more fans, we will be adding several new and exciting features which allow Dog to reach out to you, a friend or any group or meeting you’d like him to be part of. ‘Talk to the Dog’ is the first of these new features.

The feature can be found at


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