7 thoughts on “Please Sign this petition so we can show the Networks how much we love “Dog The Bounty Hunter”

  1. i am very sadden that this has happened to teh chapman family. and that his son could ruin his family like this. tucker should be ashamed of his self and that he is a rotten person as far as i am concerned and he should go to jail for recording a private conversation bewteen father and son. GOD BLESS THE CHAPMAN FAMILY and i hope theyu continue all the great work they have done . i am a huge fan

  2. I absolutely LOVE DTBH!! This is the first I’ve heard about them not re-airing the show!! I am in awe!! I can’t ho w/o watching them…KEEP DTBH ON!! The show helps so many people who watch & shows promise to many!!

  3. This is mad Dog the Bounty Hunter is what we need everywhere caring LEA Law Enforcing Angels as I like to call Duane Dog Chapman and the Chapman ohana(family). They are the reason so many meth heads get clean, get help. Ice is an epidemic in Hawaii and it is spreading, people like Dog should be able to put that message out there so please, ANY AND ALL NETWORKS reading this consider bringing millions of us fans to your channel to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter, please, its my favorite show, family.

  4. Dog is the best bounty hunter around. I’m glad that they give a advice to the people that they catch. They help so many people, wish there was more out there like the Dog Bounty Hunter and crew. Don’t want to see the show end. I enjoy watching the show and see how they can relate to some of these people. Shame on them for wanting to cancel the Dog. We have somebody out in this world who really cares. And in it not just for the money, but to reach out with open hands. KEEP THE DOG AND CREW ON THE AIR!! It won’t be the same without them. And maybe I will quiet watching this or any networks that ends Dog The Bounty Hunter. I love Dog and crew, they are the best show ever.

  5. @Silberman At A&E – who is this ass to hang up on BETH CHAPMAN – when the DOG has made that station what it is! How dare this guy treat Americans like dirt – isn’t this the guy the type we Americans get kicked around by in the Banking Industry, Wallstreet and Housing foreclosures and losing our JOBS to Corperate America sending them overseas? Isn’t this whack job the type of guy we all want to kick his ass? This Silberman at A&E is a whack-a-doodle! This Silberman is jewish and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and given this job by his daddy no doubt. We need to bring our displeasure to his attention, at his work and at his home! Let him know he is not untouchable. Mess with DOG fans and we will hang your ass out at HALF MASS partner! Keep your grubby little hands off the Bounty Hunter dude… go back to chasing your secretary around the desk and playing a man. Cause you’re not a man to hang up on the biggest show oyu have? Someone in charge should bust your ass down to stock boy or mail room girl…. you haven’t learned how to do business the right way with respect and honor. You must resign from A&E. We need to BOYCOTT all yoour sponsors and stop completely buying their products to show them (for a while anyway) we mean business. Once they see profits drop by Advertizing on A&E they’ll pull their ads.

  6. well said Raven ( @deathbyaraven) I will no longer turn on A&E IN LESS THEY ARE SHOWING DTBH. THAT CHANNEL IS BANNED FROM OUR HOUSE . Feel sorry for all the new shows you have lined up A&E why ? Because those that LOVE DTBH and tried and true will stand up for what they believe in and will NOT watch your channel., So in regards to your numbers will drop in ratings . That stupid show Storage Wars needed to go LONG AGO !! A&E TV U SUCK!!!

  7. Someone please create a flag with the Chapman Ohana so we can hang em outside our houses as I do @JeffGordonWeb

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