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Luck Be a Lady

Saturday, June 2, 10/9C
Dog and company head to the Big Island in pursuit of two courthouse no-shows only to find that one of them appears to be posting status updates from Southern California…

There are the final new shows episodes . Season 9 was not picked up by @AETV so enjoy these final new shows.


  1. i sent a/e a msg that i will never watch their channel again and im telling everyone i know to do the same i love the chapmans and think this is so very very wrong// i will be be in hawaii for the xmas and new years weeks and i hope to get some pics of them while im there but my luck they will be in colorado oh well i can dream lol

  2. There are a lot of reality shows today but DTBH is not only entertaining but serves a real needed purpose. I “get” the idea of the “ride” because I do it all the time, whether it be on the way to the jail or on a call giving a combination of advice and or a heart felt lecture to a family member, victim or suspect. So many, if not most, just give an empty ride and that’s not because they’re not doing their job but it’s not required and probably not part of their makeup. DOG has a great concept and should be seen and rewarded so that others can learn by it and pass it on. I commend the DOG family for not only what they do but how they do it. They have it right and I admire their smarts. I also enjoy seeing how the family interacts with one another. It’s very genuine, loving and again, another example of how to act as a family but most of all DOG has a message for ALL that needs to keep being delivered. Thank you. I appreciate and love all that you do!

  3. Vickie Mooney (from the prior comment) couldn’t have said it better!! When I heard that tonight is the last show, I was SO upset! This is such a disappointment! I do not know why A&E has made this decision but am sure they feel that it is the right one. However, they REALLY need to listen to the viewers…you know the people that watch their channel and keep them in business. I can assure them that if they do not change their mind, they will loose allot of viewers. If a different network offers DOG and his family the opportunity to run their program, I can assure A&E that we, the loyal fans WILL follow!! I personally will be making the phone call, sending the email and/or whatever is needed to A&E to pass the message along. In the meantime, I will be inpatiently waiting until I hear where to start watching again after tonight. Why??? Because A&E CANT keep a good DOG down!! We love DOG and the Chapman family 🙂

  4. I have signed the petition. I know that is a reach. I am trying everything i can to try to save it. If anyone knows of other ways other than the phone numbers and petition let me know. Me and many others will not watch A&E anymore if they pull it. Vickie Mooney said it great two comments before mine. This a great show that we watch as a family. It shows them what happens when you go the wrong way in life. You can never keep a good dog done!

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