Dog and Beth: On the Hunt’ episode featuring Jackson to air on Mother’s Day






JACKSON, MI – Famed bounty hunters and reality television stars Duane “Dog” Chapman and wife Beth Chapman spent most of October 2012 in the Jackson area hunting for then fugitiveRicky Wheeldon.


Details and footage from the Chapmans’ chase will be the basis for the next episode of CMT’s“Dog and Beth: On the Hunt,” which will premiere at 8 p.m. Sunday, May 12.

Wheeldon was eventually apprehended near Leslie by Michigan State Police on Oct. 24, 2012,although he Chapmans say they provided authorities with information helping to pinpoint his whereabouts.

A sneak preview of the upcoming episode is part of the final 30 seconds of the episode that aired on Sunday, May 5. The footage includes Jeff Kirkpatrick of Lodise Bail Bonds in Jackson. The Chapmans used Lodise as the headquarters for their search.

Dog and Beth came to the Jackson area at the request of Leo Urban, owner of Leo’s Bail Bonds in Mason, issuer of the bond for Wheeldon, who eventually fled authorities and was on the lam for five months.


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