All Charges Dropped In Beth Chapman Case In Colorado. Justice Comes To It’s Senses.

Beth Chapman will NOT face any punishment for calling a teenage girl a slut and a whore and other choice names .. because officials in Colorado have decided not to prosecute her.

As TMZ reported … Chapman — wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter — got into a verbal smackdown with the girl back in July during a fishing trip to Monument Lake, CO.

According to police, Beth got pissed when the girl and a male friend drove dangerously close to her family while walking near the lake.  She and the girl started arguing … and Beth allegedly ripped the girl a new one by calling her all kinds of bad names.

The girl filed criminal harassment charges against Chapman … because using “coarse language” can be considered a crime in Colorado in some situations.

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DOG And Beth : On The Hunt Is Returning For A Second Season Next Year. Great News !!

CMT announced today that their top rated show, DOG And Beth : On The Hunt, is returning for a second season next year. Good news all around for Dog , Beth, Leland and the Posse fans !!!!bethdog