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TV’s top bounty hunters Dog and Beth Chapman, their heartthrob son Leland and his heartthrob-in-the-making son Dakota are back with all-new episodes of their hit CMT reality series, Dog and Beth: On The Hunt.

In the series — a grittier, cross-country version of their long-running A&E series Dog The Bounty Hunter — the three generations of Chapmans travel throughout America, helping local bail bondsmen sharpen their know-how, update their equipment and catch some serious bad guys (and girls) in the process.

Dog recently called me from his Hawaii home to talk about his show, his craft, the politics of bounty hunting and his expanding family of bondsmen.


Channel Guide Magazine: We’ve spoken before about the impact you’ve had not just on the fugitives and other bounty hunters you have helped, but on the legions of fans from around the world who look to you and your family as role models. Does that responsibility and public spotlight ever get overwhelming or is it always a blessing?

Duane “Dog” Chapman: It’s actually is a 24/7 blessing. I think the whole idea of being a celebrity is that you “celebrate” what they do. There are celebrity actors, celebrity TV personalities, celebrity writers — so I think we are celebrated or appreciated for our art in bounty hunting and catching the bad guy.

As far as being a role model, I hope to God that I can be that — but you have to realize that everybody can make mistakes and has failures and that sometimes our left foot is bigger than our right and no one is perfect. So it is sometimes very stressful to be looked up to. I try to think “What would Jesus do in this situation?” and try to do the same.


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Interviewed by Cody Alan of CMT Networks

Cody gets the lowdown on season two of Dog & Beth: On the Hunt.

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