Kyser Bonds Filmed With The Chapmans Recently. Here Is Their Experience. RIP Royce

As most of you have noticed, I have been heavily promoting Dog and Beth’s new season on CMT this year. We filmed with them for two weeks back in March. We have a mutual friend who approached us about doing the show. Royce had been recently diagnosed with cancer, and this show was geared towards helping me and the children during his illness and also a tribute to Royce, who had been in the bail industry for 25 years. Going into it, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Royce and I are not “spotlight people” and this show was definitely going to put us there. I loosely followed Duane’s career, starting when he tracked Andrew Luster to Mexico and apprehended him and then his and Beth’s rise to fame with their Dog the Bounty Hunter show on A&E. Their style of bounty hunting was the complete opposite of my husbands; however, Royce and I respected the job they were doing.
While they were here in South Alabama filming, they caused a big stir of course. I followed social media, listened to the rumblings around town, and kept up with the response. Most of the response was overwhelmingly positive but there was some negativity. I owe no one an explanation for our decision to film with Dog and Beth, but I would like to clear up some rumors. We were not paid to do this show. Nothing was staged, and nothing was scripted. They are both professional and knowledgeable. They know the bail industry and bounty hunting. Are they flamboyant? Yes! But, that’s who they are. Is anyone going to watch a Bounty Hunting show with boring agents? Are they a little cocky? Yes! I’ve never known anyone in the industry that wasn’t. You’ve got to be a little cocky and a little crazy to do this job. Also, if you can do it, it’s not bragging right? Some people have a problem with their Christianity and the cussing. Can I just tell you something? Get over it. Bounty hunting is a hard core business, dealing with the dredges of society. We are charged with picking up hardened criminals, who may be armed, high, mentally ill,….the list goes on and on. There’s no way you are going to walk up to a fugitive and ask nicely “will you please put your hands in the air?”
Dog, Beth, Leland, and Dakota all treated my family with love and respect. They are real, down-to-earth people working for a living. They just happen to be on TV doing it. After they left, Dog or Beth called once a week to check on Royce. Royce and Dog had so much in common. They talked for hours the night before they left to go back to Hawaii. The night Royce died, Beth cried on the phone with me. They felt so at home here, they came back a few weeks ago just to visit. The family and the crew came to the grill to eat because they “knew they were going to get a good meal!” Dog took his plate to the sink, the security team was roaming around the kitchen, and Beth and I sat out back with some of the customers. It was like “old home week.” I am proud to call them my friends.
So, I am posting a lot to social media regarding their show. It’s the least I can do. For them of course ratings equal future seasons! So tune in starting June 14 8c/9e on CMT. We still don’t have a set date for our episode, but as soon as I know, I will post! Love to you all ~AK

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