Gov. Christie tells ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ to take a hike

TRENTON — If Duane “Dog” Chapman, who starred in the reality TV show “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” was hoping for a meeting with Gov. Chris Christie when he came to Trenton this week, he was sorely mistaken.

Asked at a news conference in Trenton Tuesday whether he would sit down with Chapman, who was in New Jersey this week to trash the state’s bail reform measures, Christie scoffed at the idea of being in the same room as the TV personality.

“No. Come on. Would you?” Christie asked the reporter that asked the question.

Christie: No reason for state shutdown

Christie: No reason for state shutdown

Gov. Chris Christie wouldn’t discuss state budget negotiations, but expressed some optimism a deal will be hashed out.

“Who would meet with him? Come on. Stop, ” he said. “I got to tell you the truth. I’d meet with you before I’d meet with the bounty hunter to discuss this issue.”

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The Chapmans recently fired back at Christie on a Podcast


Reality TV Star Leland Chapman Spends Time In Galion

GALION, OH – Bounty Hunter and Reality TV Star Leland Chapman was hosted by AA American Bail Bonds in Galion on Saturday afternoon for a meet and greet with a large number of local fans.

WMFD was fortunate to sit down with Leland to discuss the appearance, his second with AA, and life on set and since the shows ended. Leland talks about his new business traveling the country and helping other Bail Bondsmen. Leland also teases the idea of being back on your televisions sooner than later.

Gina Powell, CEO and Founder of AA American Bail Bonds, expressed her excitement to be hosting Leland again “It’s a great event for the city of Galion. It brings everybody together. That’s what we’re all about.”

Gina says fans were lined up as early as 7 A.M. to see Leland. His appearance was scheduled to start at noon.

Leland sold merchandise and photos and posed for pictures with his fans while local musicians performed. Food vendors were in attendance as well.

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Celebrity bounty hunters come to Burlington County to fight bail reform


Photo Credit  : Dave Hernandez for the Burlington County Times

EDGEWATER PARK — Duane “Dog” Chapman, America’s most famous bounty hunter, is coming to the New Jersey Statehouse.

And while he promised not to kick in any doors or handcuff any lawmakers, he and his wife, Beth, vowed to bring attention to what they and others in the bail bonds industry have described as a “tsunami” of crime and injustice as a result of New Jersey’s recent criminal justice reform.

“Your crime has quadrupled and we can’t afford to have it any place else,” Chapman said Sunday before speaking at a town hall meeting on the issue at Restoration Station Christian Fellowship Church off Route 130.

“When you’ve got a snake on the loose, you go after the head of it,” he said about his lobbying effort against New Jersey’s criminal justice system reform law.

The law took effect Jan. 1 and essentially shifted the state from a monetary-based bail system to using a risk assessment that takes into account factors such as seriousness of the crime, a person’s criminal record and the nature of past convictions to determine if the person is a threat to society and should be detained prior to trial.

The legislation was approved in 2014 along with a constitutional amendment permitting some defendants to be held without bail.

Supporters of the new system, including Gov. Chris Christie, say it ensures that people accused of nonviolent or petty crimes aren’t detained behind bars for lengthy periods simply because they don’t have the money to post bail. Conversely, they argue it allows judges to keep dangerous defendants in custody until trial.

The Chapmans, who appeared together on the reality television series “Dog the Bounty Hunter” for eight seasons on A&E and for three seasons on CMT’s “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt”, argue that it hasn’t worked as intended and that dangerous criminals are being released to commit new crimes and that some petty offenders are being forced to remain jailed for lengthy periods because posting bail isn’t an option.

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Web-Exclusive Interview With Reality TV Star Leland Chapman

GALION, OH – WMFD had the opportunity to sit down with Leland Chapman of “Dog The Bounty Hunter” and “Dog and Beth: On The Run” on Saturday while he was in Galion for an event with AA American Bail Bonds.

In this short clip, Chapman talks about his experiences while working on the television show, the difference between his shows and scripted reality TV, and recalls a story from filming.


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