A&E Brings Back Bounty Hunting, But Not The Chapmans

AETV is bringing back a Bounty Hunter to it’s lineup, but not the one you probably know.  This new show called “Akil The Fugitive Hunter” is a mix of documentary and animation ?   Sounds dumb and the title looks to be similar to the original ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter” which was on AETV for 8 seasons.   The Chapman TV series “Dog And Beth: On The Hunt” ended two years ago.

Here is a preview of “Akin The Fugitive Hunter”  Will  or did you watch ?

We don’t understand why AETV never tried a spinoff of the original “Dog The Bounty Hunter”

A&E Network will premiere the new original docuseries “Akil the Fugitive Hunter,” which combines live-action and animation to chronicle the journey of modern-day superhero Akil Muhammad as he tracks and captures some of the most elusive criminals in Los Angeles in order to keep his community safe. Narrated by actor and activist Wood Harris (“The Wire”), the 10 episode half-hour series features original animation from influential animator Carl Jones (“Black Dynamite”)  “Akil the Fugitive Hunter” premieres Thursday, July 13 at 10 PM ET/PT with back-to-back episodes on A&E Network.




Where Are They Now ?

Today we feature, long time Posse Member, and DTBH Security Specialist , Kaleo Padilla


Kaleo, a long time friend of Leland Chapman’s from the Big Island of Hawaii, joined the Posse when they needed an extra hand, usually with Sonny.   Kaleo was a full time member of the now defunct show ” Dog And Beth: On The Hunt”

Kaleo now runs his own home renovation company and does excellent work. The Craftsmanship is A-one.  You can see examples of his work at  One Slap Renovations

Kaleo was a MMA and boxer. He now works with local kids , training them in the ways of the ring.  All around good guy.

Check him out on twitter at @oneslap   However, like many people now,  he is more active on his Facebook page

You can follow Kaleo on his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/kaleo.padilla