Where Are They Now ?

Today we feature, long time Posse Member, and DTBH Security Specialist , Kaleo Padilla


Kaleo, a long time friend of Leland Chapman’s from the Big Island of Hawaii, joined the Posse when they needed an extra hand, usually with Sonny. Β  Kaleo was a full time member of the now defunct show ” Dog And Beth: On The Hunt”

Kaleo now runs his own home renovation company and does excellent work. The Craftsmanship is A-one. Β You can see examples of his work at Β One Slap Renovations

Kaleo was a MMA and boxer. He now works with local kids , training them in the ways of the ring. Β All around good guy.

Check him out on twitter at @oneslap Β  However, like many people now, Β he is more active on his Facebook page

You can follow Kaleo on his Facebook page atΒ https://www.facebook.com/kaleo.padilla

Jamie and Leland Chapman with some of their family

Great photo of Jamie and her parents, Leland and his young daughter, and Leland’s mom and her husband.