Five Year Flashback : A&E Cancels ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’


Duane “Dog” Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter, is heading to the ranks of the unemployed.

A&E has canceled Dog the Bounty Hunter after eight seasons, a network spokesman confirms

The series, which stars Chapman and his family as fugitive-recovery agents and takes place in Hawaii and Colorado, had become a valuable property for the cable network, with versions of the series broadcast in Germany, New Zealand and beyond.

In its eight seasons, Dog was not without its own behind-the-scenes controversy. The series, as well as A&E, was sued in September by a man who appeared in 30 episodes of the series. He claimed the network and Chapman breached an agreement to make him a full cast member.

More recently, family drama between Dog’s sons Duane Lee and Leland and their stepmother Beth left in question who would be part of the bounty hunter’s team..

Since then, 3 of the original cast appeared in “Dog And Beth: On The Hunt ” which lasted 3 seasons.  The first show was definitely the one preferred by the fans and when the DTBH was in peak form.   AE networks has never done a spinoff of any type from the original show.  It would be tremendous to see Dog get back home to A&E and finish his TV career on a high note. No signs of that happening at this point however.  Fans can only hope and express their opinions to A&E.


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