Valuable input from ‘Dog’ the bounty hunter

‘Dog’ the bounty hunter provides valuable input on legislation
I’ve always believed that the private sector, given the opportunity, can operate more efficiently than government. In few areas is that concept better exemplified than in bail bonding. Returning defendants to custody is the most difficult part of the industry. It’s also when the industry is most reliant on bounty hunters.

Oklahoma has seen an influx of bad actors in this field. High-profile stories have caused public outcry and requests to do something. For two years, my colleagues and I have been attempting to reform the industry through training, regulation and certification for bounty hunters. This has drawn the interest of one of the most recognizable characters on reality television — Duane “Dog” the Bounty Hunter. I had heard many opinions about Dog and his character. I had also heard many opinions about how his team members conduct themselves during the operation of their business. These questions were answered when I was given the opportunity recently to spend time with Dog and his team in Oklahoma City.

The bulk of Dog’s and his wife Beth’s time on the job is spent in preparation and in counseling defendants. In each case, the couple would immediately begin doing what they could to help defendants turn their lives around. Upon their release, many defendants were ready and willing to do so. We are blessed to have their input on establishing regulations for their industry. I count it an honor to call them my friends and look forward to working with them in the future.
Sen. Ralph Shortey, Oklahoma City
Shortey, a Republican, is author of Senate Bill 1013, which would create the Bail Enforcement and Licensing Ac


Please support Bails Bondsman in Oregon. No longer can fugitives flee and hide there. It is one of only 4 states that dont allow it, although that may change soon. Please login to this site and support the fight for bail.


From our research team. These facts have been backed up by witnesses.

1) DOG did not report the alleged gun shots. The neighbors called the police. This was not the actions of a person looking for media coverage.

2) The Fugitive was wanted for alleged gun crimes.

3) DOG did not want fugitive to face anymore charges. The fugitive was taken into custody and DOG shook his hand.

4) The media came to DOG asking questions.

5) DOG and crew heard a loud bang as did witnesses.

6) The crime scene was swarmed with witnesses as are many scenes
now where DOG and crew are spotted. The site was not taped off by
Police and was not a clean crime scene. Any evidence could have easily vanished.

This clown of a public service asking for charges is way out of line. What a waste of taxpayers money. Let us use his salary for drug programs, rehabs and causes that matter. Not someone seeking a spotlight.

Dog’s Fans Bite Back


Dog’s fans biting back in e-mails, lawyer says
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June 3, 2009 – 3:29 PM

When you start a fight with a bounty hunter nicknamed “Dog,” you’d better expect it to get ugly.

Public defender Bill Shoewe found that out this week when Duane “Dog” Chapman’s fans started writing and questioning his beef with the bounty hunter.

In May, Shoewe filed a motion asking a judge to force the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office to pursue charges against the bounty hunter. Shoewe said that Chapman lied to police when he told them that Hoang Nguyen took a shot at the bounty hunter’s entourage when they were trying to apprehend the fugitive on April 21. Police found no evidence that Nguyen fired a gun and charges against him were dropped.

In his motion, Shoewe asked the judge to force the district attorney’s office to press several charges related to false reporting against Chapman and the members of his group who were there that night.

In an online blog, “dogsupporter” fans of the bounty hunter have encouraged others to contact Shoewe and tell him to back off.

“We here at the News Source are asking our friends to call, fax, email , this office and clown and with manners, suggest that they focus on real crime, not an attorney looking for a name.”

The blog also states that Chapman is not behind the movement. Messages to Chapman’s publicist were not immediately returned Wednesday.

So far, a few fans have heeded the call and written Shoewe and the public defender’s office in Denver. He forwarded the e-mails to the Gazette.

more at

A judge has ordered the DA’s office to respond in writing to Shoewe’s motion by June 12. Once the response is in, the judge will decide how to proceed.



This was stated by Showe

“What he did to Hoang Nguyen was wrong and illegal and he should be held accountable for it,” Shoewe said. “I’m attempting to seek justice.”

Mr Shoewe is attempting to seek the spotlight. Mr Chapman did not report this crime, Mr Chapman did not try to further the case by cooperating, The crime scene was not taped off, but swarmed by fans. Mr Nguyen was wanted allegedly wanted for a felony involving a firearm. Mr Nguyen had a warrant on him.

Mr Shoewe is in our opinion wasting Tax Payers money with this frivolous actions. Please continue to contact and email this public servant and his office and make them accountable for the taxpayers money they are wasting.

DOG is helping remove criminals from the street that ran from court, actions that help our society. Mr Shoewe is attacking the very person trying to help us out.


You may contact William directly to let him know what you think of his waste of taxpayers money

Schoewe William M
Address: 131 South Weber Street
Colorado Springs Colorado [ CO ] 80903
Phone Number: (719)520-5611

415 South Sahwatch
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Phone: 719 475-1235
Fax: 719 475-1476

Note: We are supporters of the DOG. We believe in his mission. We hope that DOG knows we love him and support him. We will report the good and bad about DOG, but this is an outrage.



Real DOG facts (Orignially posted by the DTBH Website Administrator.)

Body: Shooting At Dog Incident.

Few Facts on DOG shooting report. The Media was saying DOG did that for attention.

1) No one from the Posse’ or the show called the Police about the shooting to report it, neighbors did.

2) DOG did not do it for the attention. In fact, he did not respond to requests for a statement as he did not want further charges. Fugitive was caught and it was time to move on

3) The shooting site was not roped off by police or investigators. Fans were all over the place. This was not a clean crime scene. The area was swarming with people

Also, in regards to the vehicle flipping that was being chased by DOG according to media.

1) Again, the media was not accurate. DOG was not driving or following the truck, it was in fact Beth. Odd fact was, this rollover happened on the same date, May 19th, that DOG lost his daughter Barbara a few years ago.