Pay To Meet Or Talk With Dog And Or Beth

If you are a rich fan, here is a chance to meet Dog or speak on the phone

Personal Meet & Greet with the Dog!
30 Minute meet and greet with Dog the Bounty Hunter! Meet Dog at his office in Honolulu.

**Please note** 100% of the proceeds go to Back Seat Ministries, Inc. And all personal meet and greets take place at the Da Kine Bail Bonds Office.

Personal Meet & Greet with the Dog!
30 Minute meet and greet with Dog the Bounty Hunter! Meet Dog at his office in Honolulu. **Please note** 100% of the proceeds go to Back Seat Ministries, Inc. And all personal meet and greets take place at the Da Kine Bail Bonds Office.

Phone Counseling Session With The Dog! or beth
Private one on one phone conversation with the Dog. Time is limited. You may schedule a 30 minute session or a 45 minute session. **Please Note** 100% of the Proceeds are donated to Back Seat Ministries, Inc. A non-profit entity.

$495.00 30 minutes
$995.00 45 minutes

Dinner with the Chapmans
Dinner with the Chapmans in Honolulu

The controversial reality of Dog the Bounty Hunter


The following story  is very loose with facts.  Below is one of the quotes.  This is just one of the parts with errors. We wanted to post this to make people aware it is pretty inaccurate

” Despite the fact that Beth and Duane are based in Hawaii, they sent their sons out all over the United States in order to help out other bail bondsmen who have clients who fled for Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. It was on the air for a total of three seasons, and has over 45 episodes. However, the show ended when Dakota fell out with his father Duane, and when Leland said that he wanted to move and start anew in Alabama.”


Dakota’s dad is Leland, not Duane

The show continued after Dakota left and eventually, he returned for the last season

The show ended due to Beth winning the Presidency of PBUS,  A Bail Bonds related organization.  They have not filmed in two years as they travel to fight Bail Bond Reform


Here is the article with a link

, Jul 10, 2017

The history of bounty hunting in the United States is a long a storied tradition, and such a major part of the culture that it shows up everywhere from film and television to radio and books. We see it in movies such as Star Wars and Django Unchained, and we hear about the profession from back when the country was first getting started.

But what exactly is bounty hunting? Well, bounty hunting is when a person looks for a person with a bounty on their head, and so people will go out and find them.

The way it works is like this. A person is arrested and wants to post bail. However, the bail is too expensive for the person to pay, so they go to a bail bondsman. The bail bondsman gives the suspect a lone in order to pay their bail.

The suspect will then leave the jailhouse and will await trial at home. However, should the suspect leave and not show up for their court date, then the bail bondsman will have to pay the entirety of the bail.

Considering that most bail bondsmen do not want to have to do this, they will hire a bounty hunter. It is the bounty hunter’s job to scour the country for the suspect using any means necessary. Once the bounty hunter finds the suspect, they perform a citizen’s arrest and bring the suspect back to the jurisdiction of the court. The bounty hunter makes his money by taking a cut of the bail.

There are just two countries on planet earth where bounty hunting is still legal; the United States and the Philippines.

The most famous bounty hunter of our times is Dog the Bounty Hunter. He will travel anywhere and everywhere to capture the bad guys. But he himself has a checkered past that enables him to know how to think like them.

This is his story.

A moral upbringing

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s real name is Duane Chapman. He was born in Denver, Colorado to a father who made money by boxing as well as welding for the United States Navy. His mother on the other hand was a minister for a church called the “first assembly of God.” He is the oldest of four children, with two younger sisters as well as a younger brother. One of the reasons for Duane’s strong moral compass is due to the upbringing he received from his mother.


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Sens. Kamala Harris and Rand Paul propose discouraging money bail for pretrial defendants

Dog and Beth Chapman have been fighting Bail Reform all over the country.  Now the US Senate has a bipartisan bill that will discourage money bail.  The Chapmans are well known Republicans and hard core supporters of Donald Trump.  Now they face an even tougher fight for the future of their industry, which at the present time, does not look bright.  Now the Chapmans and the Bail Industry have a fight on their hands at the Federal level.  Senate Bill SB10 is still alive and kicking in California as well.



WASHINGTON — Pretrial detention in jails across America costs taxpayers $38 million a day, according to a bill introduced Thursday by Sens. Kamala Harris and Rand Paul that proposes to give states and Indian tribes grants to encourage courts to replace the longstanding use of money bail.

The Pretrial Integrity and Safety Act would give local jurisdictions grants to transitions out of the system of bail bonding used to assure that defendants make court appearances. Harris, a California Democrat, and Paul, a libertarian-leaning Republican from Kentucky, maintain people should not be held in jail simply because they can’t pay for pretrial release.

“In our country, whether you stay in jail or not is wholly determined by whether you’re wealthy or not — and that’s wrong,” said Harris, a career prosecutor and former California attorney general.

“By giving states greater freedom to undertake reforms specific to their needs, our legislation will help strengthen protections for minority and low-income defendants, reduce waste and move our bail system toward more effective methods, such as individualized, risk-based assessments,” Paul said.

The bipartisan bill would make it the sense of Congress that unnecessary detention may be counterproductive, noting studies indicate that those detained for more than 24 hours and then released are less likely to reappear in court than those held less than 24 hours.

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke won’t run for Senate and calls group trying to draft him a ‘scam PAC’. Dog And Beth Mentioned

MADISON – Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said Friday he won’t challenge Democratic U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin and called a group trying to draft him into the race a “scam PAC.”

“I want to put this to a rest because it’s becoming a distraction. No, I’m not running for Senate,” Clarke told Vicki McKenna of WISN-AM (1130).

Out-of-state groups have been raising money to try to get Clarke into the race, including one led by Duane “Dog” Chapman and Beth Chapman from the reality TV show “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”

“It’s a scam PAC really,” said Clarke. “They don’t need my permission to do it.”

Clarke, a conservative who runs for sheriff as a Democrat, said he regularly hears from people who think he’s running and are interested in donating to efforts to help him beat Baldwin.

Dairy Queen to stage Miracle Treat Day with Dog the Bounty Hunter to help sick children

Miracle Treat Day is held annually by Dairy Queens across the country to help children battling cancer and other diseases. The money raised by the Stuarts Draft Dairy Queen goes to the University of Virginia Health System in Charlottesville, a Children’s Miracle Network hospital.

Dairy Queen General Manger Kristi Lewis said Miracle Treat Day comes on July 27, and for every Blizzard sold that day, a minimum of $1 will be donated. Lewis said a cadre of sponsors is also promising to help with the day.

Also assisting the effort will be the appearance at the Stuarts Draft Dairy Queen of Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter’’ Chapman. Lewis said Chapman will appear from 2 to 6 p.m. at the restaurant on July 27

Reality TV Crews Get Rush From Toughest Shoots

Reality TV seems so spontaneous that it’s hard to believe how much work goes into making it. But for the DPs and camera operators tasked with capturing the action and the drama on the fly, the genre is one of the most demanding in the business.

“It can be busy, it can be hectic and it can be crazy,” says Shaun Newton, a camera operator on MTV’s “Are You the One?” which wrapped its fifth season in March.

“Twelve-hour days are typical for us,” Newton adds. “But it can be rewarding, and it’s a really cool job. There’s a camaraderie that comes from working together and putting your passion into it — no matter how vacuous some of these shows can be.”

Newton has worked on reality television since practically the beginning. He got his start in 2000 as a PA on MTV’s “The Real World” — considered a seminal show for the genre — and has since operated the camera on some of the most popular reality series, including “Jersey Shore,” “The Apprentice,” “America’s Next Top Model” and “Cops.”

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