Swearing On DTHB

Watching the new episodes, it is nice to see Dog has kept his word about cursing. He really has done well.  It is too bad Beth did not agree to this also.  With the amount of young viewers they get now, more than ever in fact, higher ratings than ever, maybe it is time to consider that option. Thank the Good Lord for the Beeps. As a parent with 4 young children, this should be considered . However, I guess it is the way of the street.

We at this blog will publish the truth, negative or positive. We have had many fans complain about our coverage of the Baby Lyssa Page, but we will continue to cover both the positive and negative.  We however will not cover the lies and the BS campaigns that the sewer dwellers seem to enjoy.   We have no interest in protecting anyone, we will be providing the truth through careful research, not BS and jealousy, and lies.  We unlike the fools, have lives to lead.

Douglas Muire